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Bradley Hennenfent, M.D. - Biography: Basketball & Medical

I recently needed to provide a short biography for a business transaction regarding a patent pending invention involving basketball. I have several patents and trademarks in the works, including medical patents, so I am sharing my basketball/medical biography here.

Before retiring from medicine and economics, I was the overall director of thirteen Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers, overseeing 60,000 patients per year. While in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, I delivered more than forty-five lectures at various hospitals on topics such as “Cervical Spine Injuries and Nightmares,” “Advanced Cardiac Live Support,” and “Advanced Trauma Life Support.”

Basketball Experiences
Older Brothers
In 1971 my three older brothers, George 6' 2", Frank 6' 7", and Nick 6' 6" were allegedly the first three brothers in Illinois High School basketball history to start Varsity Basketball simultaneously. Their High School team scored over 100 points twice in games that season. They had a dream season and their teammate Dick Grant was voted first team All-State in Illinois that year. My brother Frank was the all-time leading scorer until the invention of the 3-point line. Frank also had a record setting 75 point weekend during High School. Frank and Nick played college basketball.

My Basketball Career
I am the 4th of five brothers, and one sister, all of whom played basketball. I’m 6’4”. For my high school basketball picture in 1975, I had them take it while I dunked it backwards and they didn't publish it. They said they "couldn't see my face." Some people just don't understand basketball!

Dunking in games was outlawed in those days by the Lew Alcinder/Kareem Abdul Jabbar rule.

I started High School Varsity basketball as a sophomore. I was Honorable Mention All-State in Illinois Class A basketball in 1976. I was a High School All-American. I won all four High School basketball awards simultaneously: 1. Most Valuable Player, 2. Most Rebounds, 3. Best Free Throw Shooter, and 4. Team Captain my senior year.

I tried to walk directly onto the Big Ten Varsity Basketball Team—there was no Junior Varsity Team back then—at Northwestern University. In 1977, Northwestern was being led by Billy McKinney, Northwestern’s all-time leading scorer, who played for seven years in the NBA. Northwestern also had 7’0” center Brian Jung who would be drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1980. Northwestern’s Mike Campbell was drafted by the Chicago Bulls that same year.

I was the last man cut during the tryouts by Coach Tex Winter, thus missing inevitable college glory and NBA stardom by a hair—or else I was spared from lots of failure and embarrassment (smile). Tex Winter went on to coach Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, specializing in the triangle offense, and I went on to medical school.

Medical Credentials
I graduated from Northwestern University in 1980. I went on to graduate from the University of Illinois Medical School and the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

After five of my uncles suffered prostate cancer, I became a men's health advocate. I wrote the book, Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery, which became a bestseller for Biblio Distribution. It was recently published for the Kindle: Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery.

I have been published in The British Journal of Urology, The Digital Urology Journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Consultant, EMERGINDEX, Techniques in Urology, and The Journal of Pelvic Surgery.

I also authored a monograph entitled The Prostatitis Syndromes and donate all proceeds to the non-profit Prostatitis Foundation (

My literary career in fiction is expected to begin eventually. I'm also excited about a new medical patent that could save many lives, which will be ready by 2013.

Bradley R. Hennenfent, M.D.
Tel. 863-535-1175
E-fax: 206-350-1242

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